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Welcome to Skeptical World – the world’s only website challenging your world views on everyone and everything. If you care about what is happening to our world, then Skeptical World is for you.

Did you ever wonder if you were not being told the whole truth? Are there really conspiracies influencing world events? Do you find yourself inherently skeptical of everything you read or see on TV?

Why are we more likely to see a news headline about a celebrity not wearing her underwear, than learning why women and children are being sold into slavery in other parts of the world?

Do you ever wonder why some people are so popular or successful or look younger than their actual age? Do you ever wonder how people overcome medical traumas or personal disasters?

Are you looking for coping strategies to overcome a difficult family or job situation? Has your family been torn apart by drug or alcohol abuse? Is your extended family interfering too much in your life?

What is happening in our schools these days? Why do schools need police? Why are teachers having affairs with students? Why are schools giving out free certificates for fast food with good report cards?

Whatever happened to good moral values such as being honest, truthful and proud of your country? Where did the work ethic go where people were proud to work their full shift and be grateful for having a job?

Why do unhappy employees return to the workplace and shoot their co-workers? Why do unhappy college students go on killing sprees? What makes a person become a criminal? Why are crimes increasing instead of decreasing?

When did having good values become outdated or old-fashioned? When did infidelity become acceptable? When did online gaming become more fun than playing a board game or outdoor activity with our children?

Let’s start focusing on what we really care about, what affects ourselves, our children and our world. Skeptical World is all about questioning what we are being told by experts in all fields in order to find the truth.

Skeptical World first went online in 2004 and tried tackling some of these issues in the news. But now our format has broadened and the layout has expanded to incorporate all these different topics.

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