Illegal Immigration Solved – Make Mexico the 51st State!

The best solution to the illegal alien problem from Mexico is to make Mexico the 51st state of the United States. Skeptical World has changed the Mexican flag to show it as the 51st state.

Since the Spanish-American war, or the battle at Alamo in which Texas lost but nobody seems to remember that part of the story, Americans and Mexicans have flowed back and forth across the southern border of the United States – or perhaps it should be stated as the northern most border of Mexico.

The southern states in particular, California, Arizona, Texas and the southeastern states have prospered due to the cheap labor provided by Mexicans, who work as migrants or laborers in the United States, but do not have the benefit of insurances, the right to vote, or to enlist in the army and fight in Iraq.

There is a very thick animosity in the United States attempting to draw a color barrier between Americans and Mexicans, but the division is artificial. Rather than send 15 million Mexicans back to Mexico, let’s solve the problem once and for all.

Border patrol is tired of grabbing illegal immigrants and sending them back to Mexico, and the ones already here, live in fear of being captured, like pre-World War II Germany when the Jewish people had to wear the star of David bands on their arms to announce they were Jewish rather than German. Germans were the ones attempting to make a distinction, and in the United States, many Americans are attempting to create a difference that is not real for Mexicans.

Illegal Immigration

Picture courtesy of Alipac, Americans for Legal Immigration, April 11, 2006 at a rally in New York.

Mexicans are already living and working in the United States. Most of them are working in hospitals, restaurants, landscaping and other service industries. Instead of playing tag at the border with illegal immigrants, it would be simpler to make Mexico the 51st state!

Changing border boundaries would eliminate the need to patrol the border and would save a lot of money. Then too, Americans wanting to vacation in Can Cun or other tropical paradises in Mexico, could freely travel to those spots. Then there would be no need to patrol the southern United States border any longer.

Civil liberties and lifestyles would greatly improve for all Mexicans as the United States could spend its middle east war money on a worthwhile cause – namely, bring Mexico up to the same standard of living as what the Americans have already.

Strategically, Mexico is on the southern most border of the United States and rather than target hard-working Mexicans as felons, the United States need to start thinking about protecting its southern borders and make Mexico part of the United States.

Right now, the United States is enjoying the freedom of having no enemies on its borders. What if the Al-Qaida setup shop in Mexico along the border? The best way to prevent this is to make Mexico the 51st state.   Illegal ImmigrationIllegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration

With its rich culture and citizens known for their willingness to work hard for everything they have, the United States could only benefit from having these wonderful people call themselves citizens of the United States. Make Mexico the 51st state!

Update:  Since this article was first uploaded in 2006, many Americans have been obsessing over Mexicans swimming, boating, or flying over the border, but to date, no one has considered the fact that maybe the focus should be on searching for terrorists and getting rid of them before they hurt innocent people.

Skeptically yours,

Illegal Immigration