Owosso Michigan Girl: Victim of Modern Slavery?

Whether you grow up in Owosso, Durand, or Lansing Michigan, can you still be a target for human trafficking? Yes! One story told by a woman named Jeannie Kennedy who joined a Genesee County Job Corps in Flint Michigan when she was 22 years old. The training program placed her in Las Vegas. She explains that on the first day of her arrival, she was immediately approached by a well-dressed and friendly man. When she notices his luxurious car and the gorgeous woman seated inside, she said that she immediately felt at ease.

Photo Courtesy of Detroit Free Press, Jeannie Kennedy

His personality and luxury lifestyle was one way to deceive her into joining his ‘profitable business’.

As he starts talking to her, she decides to go with him. She states, “We end up at his house where there are eight or nine other women living there and they love him and he loves them, so they think. ” Then he takes her shopping at the local mall and buys her expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes, “spending $600”. Once he pays for the items, he informs her, “now you have to pay back.”

In her situation, she was very lucky because she had the chance to escape this dangerous life after 3 days of being sexually exploited by the pimp. She realizes how fortunate she was because she says, “The average life span of a prostitute is seven years.”

Nearby in Shiawassee County, about 33 miles away from Genesee Co., police believe at least 20 or more people are involved in sex trafficking just in this small town. So yes, you can become a victim in your local township.

Did you witness suspicious criminal activity involving abuse or unwanted threats? Contact the local authorities in your city. If you are at a safe distance away, try to capture a snapshot of the incident with your cell phone or take a photo of the vehicle license plate. This can help cops locate or identify the predator or gang member.

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