Obama Versus McCain – A Ticking Time Bomb

The eyes of the world are on the U.S. election. Will the largest superpower change its political direction? Or will the winds continue blowing from both directions at the same time in order to confound the American electorate?

Consider the two candidates: Senator Obama leans towards a socialist democracy at the very least, and Senator McCain leans in the liberal direction of the war mongers of the former president Lyndon Baines Johnson era. But now the political parties have flipped – the way magnetic poles have shifted from North to South throughout history. This same flipping happened during the early years of the United States, and now seems to be occurring again.

Or maybe the political parties have slipped off track. In previous years, the American public would vote for the Democratic presidential candidate when they wanted more social welfare programs which resulted in more jobs at the expense of higher taxes. In other years, the American public would vote for the Republican candidate whenever they wanted to put the brakes on government spending, and wanted to downsize everything including government control and taxes.

Many issues surrounding Senator Obama have not been adequately addressed. Regarding the birth certificate for Obama, he was born of a Kansas mother when she was about 18 in another country. Under the constitution, anyone born of an American is automatically an American, but the young age of his mother begs the question about whether his birthright meets the constitutional requirement. It is a puzzle as to why the Republicans have not pressed this issue further with Obama, since the constitution requires the president to be an American citizen.

I also find it incredulous the Republicans are not constantly beating Obama over the head with his racist and negative remarks from his two autobiographies which he wrote years ago. His statements should be on billboards and brought to the public’s awareness.

Obama is a spin master. In the state prison system where I work, he would fit right in with the CSC inmates (criminal sexual conduct) who are the best at weaving webs of lies around their prospective victims. Plus, his having selected Senator Joe Biden as a vice-presidential running mate is like selecting Senator Ted Kennedy on speed – everyone will be wearing a headset or earphones so as not to have to listen to Biden’s endless rhetoric.

Obama is not only a misogynist, but a racist as well, based on the disparaging remarks he has made about his mother’s race. Plus, I did not appreciate his woman-hating remark directed at the vice presidential candidate Sara Palin when he referred to her as a pit bull with lipstick. I suspect he is verbally abusive towards his wife and probably hates a whole lot of other minority and cultural groups as well.

Although I respect McCain for having suffered so horribly as a POW (prisoner of war), I have not heard any indication from him that he would cease the war, and in fact, it would appear his goal would be to get us involved in Iran or Pakistan next. This war mongering mentality of the 1970’s disturbs me a lot.

This country was founded on freedom for all and not about going to war overseas with countries which disagree with American politics or freedoms. In this election, more people are thrust in a position of voting not for what someone stands for, but rather casting a vote so as not to have the worst candidate elected.

McCain’s cross-eyed wife is very strange to watch. Her focus is not pointed in the direction of her stare, giving her an eerie appearance. She is reportedly worth at least $200 million, but required her husband to sign a pre-nuptial agreement in the event they split up. It is really difficult to convince Americans that a husband and wife worth so much money, could feel any sense of remorse over lost jobs or a national economy that has runaway to China.

The McCain campaign made a critical error in judgment on October 6 when they announced they were canceling all trips to Michigan. They were essentially surrendering these electoral votes to the Democrats. This will turn out to be a fatal flaw in McCain’s campaign, as Michigan has a Democratic governor despised by both the Democrats and Republicans.

Personally, I am deeply disappointed in this year’s candidates. I have issues with both of them. While I worry that McCain will lead us into more war, I worry that Obama will not lift a finger to stop any war in the Middle East. I worry about statements from the past that Muslems will take control of the US using our own election tools by getting their candidates elected. Is Obama one of their tools?

We take so much for granted in the United States. We can go to our jobs, go golfing, or let our children walk to school, and we do not have to carry a gun or sit at a window with a rifle or worry about a landmine being planted on the roads. I worry that Americans will let these precious freedoms slip away.

I worry about Obama’s own admission that he would consider himself a Muslem if pressed on the issue. I worry about Obama’s friendship with a wannabe terrorist or a preacher who is more racist than a Neo-Nazi. How does Obama view the extermination of 2.5 million Africans by their Muslem rulers over an alleged territorial dispute over oil fields? But regrettably, we will never know, as the newscasters for the presidential debates selected the least controversial questions.

This will prove to be the first election where New Hampshire did not correctly predict the winner which will upset many politcal pundits.

My prediction for the election is that Obama will win 62% – 63% of the popular vote. He will get his support primarily from blacks, liberal and conservative whites, college students, and all other groups which traditionally vote Democratic. If Obama wins Florida, then he will win the election for sure, and you can go to bed and not stay up late on Tuesday to watch election coverage on TV. This is because Floridian politics are a constant three-way struggle between the uneducated Cuban/Latino population, the whites in the middle, and the retired Jewish egalitarians.

McCain will get the votes from senior citizens, frustrated conservatives who are not voting for McCain, but rather are casting a vote against Obama. McCain will get votes from all right wing religious groups who have not yet figured out McCain is more liberal than many Democrats. Plus, McCain will get support from the Hispanic/Latino crowd which historically does not trust blacks, along with large pockets of votes from Born Again Christians and Southerners.

Skeptically yours,