5 Disturbing ‘Sex Trafficking’ Posts on Whisper App?

skeptical-world-whisper-app-sex-trafficking-disturbing-1Whisper is one of the most popular social media phone apps today. Whether you live in a town like Lansing Michigan in the Midwest, a large city, or in another country outside the United States, you can connect with thousands of men and women ranging in age from middle school children to college students to older adults.

skeptical-world-whisper-app-sex-trafficking-disturbing-3Why is this app such a big deal? Because users can post anonymously without repercussions. They can rant, bully, vent, and say whatever they feel to an active audience who will listen and reply back.




What types of comments are posted online? We logged into the phone app and did a keyword search on “sex trafficking”. To our surprise, we read several disturbing statements from users. See the corresponding images and screenshots in this blog.

After reading through these phrases written by users, it’s appalling to realize that some people still don’t accept human trafficking as a serious issue but rather as a laughing joke.


Did you witness creepy or disturbing content on Whisper? Were you privately contacted by a possible trafficker? Were you able to take a screenshot of the message? Email Us