How to Find Sex Traffickers on Instagram?

How many sex traffickers are using Instagram to recruit wealthy clients and underage youth for their illegal prostitution business? We may never know for sure. Is it possible to search for these criminals and report them? Nothing is a guarantee, but here are some ideas or suggestions that may help in finding pimps (both of whom are men and women) on Instagram and arresting them:Instagram-skeptical-world

1. Search specific hashtags that are relevant:

  • What hashtag would a rich client type in the search bar to get a ‘quick hookup’?
    • #money #dollars #booty #boobs #sexy
    • #cash #rich #luxury #gold #millions

2. Search photos of cash

  • Someone in the photo might be showing off large amounts of cash or counting  their money (video)

skeptical-world-instagram-sex-trafficking-crown-tattoo3. Search photos of women with tattoos that are carved with the following signs:

4. Search photos of luxury lifestyles:

5. Observe the user’s profile page

  1. When you click on a suspicious photo in the gallery, you can see the user’s profile page who uploaded that photo. Checkout what he wrote in his profile description as well as on his posts. Does he mention any of the following:
    • “Interested in making extra cash?”
    • “Inbox me to make easy money”
    • “DM me” or “DM for a quick hookup” or “WhatsApp Me”
    • “Confidential Services”
    • Note – Chances are, he or she will not leave a phone number. But rather they are hoping to be contacted through the Instagram messenger service.



6. Look at their Grammar in Post Descriptions and the Profile Page

  1. Is it sloppy? Does it show poor usage of the English language? Everyone uses typical slang but that’s not what I’m referring to.
  2. Here are a few examples:
    • “My girl bouta go shopping” or “just touchd down wit our cuts”
    • In the examples above, notice that some words are missing a letter or not spelled correctly


*Note to the Reader: These image screenshots taken from Instagram cannot be identified as actual or real human traffickers. However, it is our belief that these users and their posts have arose suspicion.

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