Sex Traffickers Recruiting and Dating Minors?

Why are male sex traffickers ‘well-dressed’, ‘handsome’, ‘cute’, ‘thin’ or ‘good-looking’? Is this on purpose in order to entice young girls or teenagers?

So how does date night work between a predator and his or her prey? Without multiple real accounts from witnesses, we can assume that each ‘date’ operates differently. We can read second hand sources told by news coverage or non profit organizations.


Let’s say for instance that a young woman decides to meet this ‘Joe Smith’ on this ‘date’ after their conversation via Facebook or Instagram Direct Message. When she meets up with him, they may have a ‘nice’ time at first and then what? At some point during the date, he kidnaps her. Is it possible that the trafficker’s sidekick or male or female gang member shows up to help with the kidnapping? Is the counterpart waiting around the corner to shove the victim in the car?

We can only speculate and form theories without first hand accounts. However, there are news articles, documentaries, movies, and even a TV episode from Dr Phil retelling the abduction story of a sex slave in detail. Many of them are branded with tattoos of their former pimps nickname. But what about other victims who were exploited but escaped to freedom who have chosen not to tell their story? What happened in their situation? Was it the same as everyone else or completely different? Did the trafficker use a new or different strategical method for his attack to recruit the young female?

Courtesy of Polaris, Human Trafficking Center 2014

What is the reason for having first hand accounts told?

Yes, we sympathize with their stories, but we also get a chance to learn about tactics and strategies on how these criminals use their own form of recruitment to catch their ‘fish.’ Each trafficker probably imposes a unique or slightly different recruitment strategy. If they were all the same, then we would have caught everyone by now, right?

It’s clear that not all young victims come forward with their personal stories. Why? Perhaps they are afraid of getting caught again if they reveal their whereabouts or real name on TV or news coverage, or they may believe that their own experience was their fault, or, it’s just too difficult to talk about. Whatever the reason it’s imperative that we not only hunt down these manipulative criminals but also learn about their strategical methods and tactical ways to recruit minors.

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