Todd Bertuzzi – Wild Man on Ice

If Hockey were a 7-Eleven Store, this man would be in jail.

Vancouver Canuck’s Right Wing Todd Bertuzzi viciously assaulted Colorado’s Steve Moore on March 8, 2004 after Moore’s team won the hockey game 9-2. 

Bertuzzi was caught on camera chasing Moore with his hockey stick, then striking Moore in the back of the head with his fist.  Bertuzzi then slammed Moore down on the ice, then jumped on Moore’s back with his 245 pounds of screaming flesh. The camera shows the out-of-control Bertuzzi then grabbing Steve Moore’s head and forcing it into the ice as their bodies slid across the frozen icy surface.

The blood then pours out of Moore’s head onto the ice in front of a shocked audience and ten minutes later, the injured player with a broken neck was lifted off the ice and taken to the hospital.

A somber Bertuzzi was forced to apologize on camera the next day with tears dripping off his face, or perhaps it was the melted ice from Moore’s head.

Todd Bertuzzi - Wild Man on Ice

Todd Bertuzzi - Wild Man on Ice

Todd Bertuzzi - Wild Man on Ice

It can be speculated that Bertuzzi will get married one day and become a full-fledged spouse abuser and will terrorize his children with his vicious temper. Is it too late to recommend counseling and anger management for this wild man?

Update:  Since this article was uploaded May 6, 2004, sporting events have changed, with more sports heroes engaging in illegal activities or in unleashing deadly tempers on their families.

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