Sex Trafficking: Branding Tattoos on Her Body?

instagram-sex-trafficking-human-gang-symbol-diamondHow do human traffickers and pimps brand ownership of their ‘property‘? Many sex slaves are branded by their boss with tattoos on their body. These markings are usually in the form of a pimps’ initials, his name, the victim’s street name, gang member symbols, or a combination of any of these. What are some different types of gang-related signs portrayed on a victim’s body?

  1. King’s Crown
  2. Dollar Sign (Currency) $
  3. Money Bag
  4. Barcode
  5. Diamond
  6. Stars or Hearts


Certain tattoos can help distinguish a victim of sex trafficking. Why is it important to educate ourselves on the exploitation of modern slavery? Because next time you’re shopping in the mall, observing odd behavior in public, or scrolling through content on social media, become aware of suspicious pictures or activity posted on the Internet.  Although there is no guarantee that these specific tattoos confirm that a victim is associated with  traffickers, it does however illustrate the need for an awareness in the United States.

Photo Courtesy of New York Minute Mag

Have you spotted disturbing photos on social media of women marked with common gang symbols on their bodies? Report it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or any social media outlet where it was observed. Then take a screenshot photo and email it to local authorizes or non profit organizations who can take further action to stop these sex traffickers from solicitation. Email Us

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