Leapfrogging Around Dating Websites with Toads!

I have a divorced friend named Charlotte whose advice to me on the second anniversary of my divorce, was that I have to kiss a hundred frogs to find a prince. But personally, there are no frogs or princes except in fairytales, and I am leapfrogging around these online dating websites with toads!

Tonight, “DocBil from Battle Creek: Professional seeking non-professional” was checking out my online dating profile; so I in turned checked out his profile. I was totally offended by the arrogant statements in his profile that he did not want to date any professional women, which I found totally ludicrous coming from a man claiming to be a Ph.D. I resented his automatic exclusion of all college graduates as being unsuitable candidates for dating when he would be expected to date college educated women, such as myself.

DocBil’s profile stated he was interested only in “non-professional women who would be equally comfortable discussing quantum physics or worldwide wrestling.” Now try to imagine the kind of women who could do both – or worse, would even want to?!

The man was clearly a misogynist. His arrogance pushed my buttons and I sent him a polite but firm e-mail pointing out the disparaging remarks he had made were as hurtful to uneducated women as well as educated and asked him to reconsider his views.

Obviously a narcissist, this 61 year old Ph.D. vice-president of a Battle Creek, Michigan company fired back the following flaming response minutes later and then put up a mail block against me. Here is his picture and response:



Thank you for attempting to communicate with me.

You asked for this; the reason this country is so screwed up is because of creepy women like you that think you are the answer to everything. I have the right to have what I want, it is none of your business what I like or do not like. If YOU had any manners or brains, you would have not responded to exactly what I was saying, professional women are not what I want as a life partner.

YOU are a wannabe guy. I didn’t notice you in Vietnam, or all the years I was a police officer…..and in executive management I have lead small, and medium sized corporations, and have yet to see a woman who could handle anything important.

Quit living in never never land, and tell the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy you want a date, because that is as close a joke like you would come to a real man.

You are offensive, obviously demented and in severe need of therapy. OR, possibly a good step up in a job….try, “Do you want fries with this.” Oh, maybe Dr. Peter of the “Peter Principle” was speaking of you.

Don’t bother, it is blocked.