How are Sex Slaves Branded by their Boss?

skeptical-world-branding-sex-slavery-trafficking-barcodeSex slaves are being branded by their pimp and sex trafficker. What is the purpose of this exploitation? To mark ownership and territory, who owns who. To remind other pimps which minors belong to which group of criminals. It allows gang members to control their women. A gang member marks the body of a young woman that he ‘owns’ because she is his ‘property’. In this case, branding can be in the form of tattoos as the pictures illustrate below.

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Atlantic Daily Article, Image of Former Victim Naticia Leon








These tattoos are clearly identified across the victim’s chest, face, arm, wrist, thighs or the front and back of the neck. In some cases, the tattoo marks the man’s name or gang symbol.

For example, the trafficker labeled his property (the female girl) with a tattoo entitled, “Black’s Beauty”. Another example includes a tattoo across a female’s crotch with the abbreviation “ATM”. A third example includes the bar code sign that was branded across a woman’s wrist.  By coercing victims or threatening them to get marked, the ‘bosses’ manipulate teenagers and underage youth into marking their bodies with images, words and symbols to get what they want.

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