Tragic Murder of NFL's Sean Taylor

Black Spokesmen Still Silent on Senseless Slaying of Superhero Sean Taylor 

Washington Redskins NFL player Sean Taylor died needlessly on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 from a fatal gunshot wound to his thigh. The Pro Bowl safety was just 24. The bullet ripped through a critical artery causing a tremendous loss of blood.  Sean Taylor  Taylor and his girlfriend were in bed in their Miami home when the 4 intruders thought they were buglarizing Taylor’s home while he was away. But the burglers were not strangers. One of the burglers had previously done some lawncare work for Taylor and there was an indication one or two of the others were at least familiar with Taylor or his property.

The murder of Sean Taylor is intolerable. The four males suspected of killing Taylor were all minorities under the age of 21. Doesn’t anyone realize this stupid act of murder by minorities against one of their own minority superheros, is actually fostering more hatred against blacks and Mexicans in America? The average American reads about murderous attacks like this and they immediately want blacks shipped back to Africa and Mexicans drowned in the Rio Grande River.

Assaults and murders committed by minorites against their own people, especially American sports’ heroes, only fuels the belief of middle Americans that minorities and illegals are all thugs and thieves who should be dead or in prison.

Here are photos from the Miami Dade Police Department of the four minority males allegedly involved in the assault on Taylor. The youngest male to be charged was only 17 and may get a lighter punishment due to his juvenille status.

4 Minority Males Involved in Taylor's Murder

So where are the outcries of this horrible crime from black spokesmen Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson these days? Suddenly these minority icons are the invisible men when it comes to not having any public commentary against the murderers of Sean Taylor. None of the popular black spokes persons have stepped forward and denounced the vicious act by 4 minority thugs.  Would Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been on the news denouncing this horrible act of murder if the slayers had been white people? You better believe it! Are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson practicing reverse racism by their silence? 

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